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Service Overview

If you're looking for the best laundry duct cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, go no further than Asia Cleaning Services! We specialize in the access, examination, and removal of lint from laundry duct extraction systems and are dedicated to offering the best laundry duct cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.

How can we help?

When you call Asia Cleaning Services to book your cleaning, you will be given the most cost-effective plan based on the size of your business, your demands, and the amount of laundry you handle. Our team of highly qualified professionals will arrive at your workplace and utilize specialized equipment to expertly detect any places where build-up is present.


Is it important to clean the laundry duct?

Cleaning the laundry ducts is highly vital and should be done as soon as possible. People are hesitant to use laundry duct cleaning services due to the hefty expense, however, vents that are not cleaned on time might be dangerous.

Why should we clean the laundry duct?

It's likely that the lint given off during the laundry process will be ingested by the ducts and build up over time, posing a fire risk, if you don't clean and examine your ducting (and Fire Dampers) on a regular basis. To avoid the possibility of blockages and fire, it is advised that these systems be cleaned on a regular basis.

How often should the laundry duct be cleaned?

To avoid the accumulation of lint, we recommend cleaning every 5-6 months.

How does Asie Cleaning Services clean the laundry duct?

This service is completed by our team using specialist professional dryer duct cleaning equipment. They'll open your exhaust ducts, clean your ducting all the way up to the outlet, and photograph the results so you can show your compliance with Fire Regulations for insurance purposes.

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